Quality Assurance Manager & Tester

Published Nov 23, 2021

Original link: https://remoteOK.com/jobs/107373

  • Hi, I’m Dani, an entrepreneur, and a tech author & speaker.Along with my business partner James, we’ve been on a mission to change the way people buy and sell online for over 8 years. We started Saily, the first app to buy & sell used stuff in 2012. We grew it to 500,000+ users before joining Mercari, the giant mobile marketplace. There we led Product & Growth and IPO’ed in 2018. Six months ago, we built Flyp, an app that connects small businesses to professional sellers who sell their clothing inventory for them. Pros handle pricing, listing, negotiating with buyers, packing and shipping each item, then splitting profits.As we build more products & tools, we need a sustainable way to ensure quality and stability. We need to able to gather and keep track of all bugs reported from customers & team members and make sure everything is getting prioritized and resolved effeciantly.We've been relying on a QA agency for feature testing, which is only one subset of a full product testing and maintanance, and as a natural next step, we'd like to bring on a full time QA manager to handle the company's products qaulity.At the beginning you, as the managerm will do testing to get familiarized with the product, and at some point in the future you can either hire a tester or use a QA agency for specific continous product tests as well.**Product Stack:** iOS/Android apps, web tools, and Chrome extensions.**Requirements:** Work during Europe timezone hours.[https://www.daniarnaout.com/](https://www.daniarnaout.com/)[https://www.joinflyp.com/](https://www.joinflyp.com/)