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Published Nov 23, 2021

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  • Hasgeek

    Who are we?

    Hasgeek fosters conversations between technologists to encourage the spread of good ideas, and advance the ecosystem as a whole. Practitioners from thousands of startups and established companies have participated in the Hasgeek network since 2010 to review the work of their peers and adopt their ideas. 

    What do we do?

    1. Facilitate community-building; help independent collectives to run projects and achieve their goals and vision.
    2. Discover interesting, novel ideas and approaches to solving business, product, technical and societal problems. 
    3. Elevate ideas and practitioners by putting them before an audience, and distributing their work to diverse groups. Ideas discovered through Hasgeek’s peer review process have gone on to become prominent startups, written up as books, and created large-scale impact.

    Project coordinator role 

    Hasgeek is looking for part-time project coordinators. Projects include running webinars, conferences and producing reports. Selected candidates will work with audiences, speakers and organizations from the areas of front-end engineering, web development, Functional Programming and Accessibility. 

    The role involves the following responsibilities: 

    1. Working with editors of different projects; following project plans to meet milestones. 
    2. Writing and editing communications such as emails, announcement blurbs, etc.
    3. Scouting potential speakers; coordinating with speakers and editors.
    4. Working with AV personnel and graphic designers to create content. 
    5. Producing transcripts, summaries and other forms of content by working with speakers and editors.  

    Skills required for this role

    1. Strong written and oral communication skills in English language; strong ability to synthesize information.
    2. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
    3. Discipline to stick to project plans and deadlines. 
    4. Positive, collaborative approach to work.
    5. Resourcefulness.
    6. An interest in understanding and exploring how technology ecosystems shape society.

    Backgrounds from which we seek candidates

    1. Practicing professionals who want to learn how to organize and manage communities. 
    2. Individuals with project coordination experience.
    3. Students from computer sciences background.  
    4. Professionals from the media and publication industry.
    5. Students and recent graduates from liberal arts and humanities background. 

    Duration and remuneration: Project-based.