Published Jun 19, 2022

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  • BookMane Labs

    Looking for a young energetic programmer who is keen to learn and implement tools focused on creators present globally. And is willing to work in a tiny team and build world class tools/products for creators.

    What he/she should possess:

    1) Sound knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery. 2) Better understanding of MERN stack. If exposure to Python/Django/Flask let us know. 3) Understanding of DB concepts. 4) Good at representation of details and communication. 5) Willingness to stick with team for atleast a period of 1 yr.

    We like creators and are keen to work with them. Gumroad and ProductHunt are some of the companies that inspire us.

    If you are willing to build tools that can really impact and change the way creators talk to their users/customers and believe in building the next interesting tool/solution, we are waiting for you. Lets connect and get to know each other better.

    Please check, and more.