[HIRING] Remote python job

Published Jul 28, 2022

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  • Hello everybody,

    Are you looking for a remote python job? Check you Loka’s job offers.

    About the company:

    Loka is a software company that started in Silicon Valley but with a remote first policy. It works on a wide variety of projects from healthcare to food supply chain and packaging.

    Our tech stack is very wide as well, we work with python, node, flutter, ML, etc.

    Some company perks:

    • Every Other Friday Off - 24 extra days off a year. Our team calls it a life changing benefit. We think you’ll agree.
    • 100% Remote-First - We want you to have the flexibility to work where you feel most comfortable and productive.
    • Explore Program - Spend 3 months living in Portugal, Colombia, or Macedonia – all paid for by Loka.
    • Relo Program - Permanently relocate you, your family, and your pet to one of our European headquarters.
    • LokaLabs™ - Use moonshot technologies to solve overlooked societal challenges in our internal incubator.
    • Yearly Upskill Allowance - Feed your curiosity and never feel intellectually trapped again.
    • Winter Houses - Invite your friends or family to get away for the holidays, paid for by Loka.
    • Paid Vacation Days, Sick Days & Birthdays - Take time for yourself more often.
    • Mental Health Benefits - Premium subscriptions to support the mental wellness of every Lokal.
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