[HIRING] [REMOTE in EUROPE] Full Stack Engineer 💻 JavaScript - React/Node.js 📹 Synthetic Video Startup 📍 Fully remote 💰£70,000 - £110,000 ⌚ Within 2 hours of EU/UK Time Zones

Published Nov 24, 2021

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  • Hey there, hope you're having a great day 👋

    Few important things first: we pay very well (salary + stock options) + we try to be super quick and responsive in the hiring process.

    The Company

    Synthesia is the global leader in synthetic media. Our vision is to build the first fully programmable video generation platform and help everyone transform non-video content into video.

    Synthesia is already working with some of the world’s biggest companies and celebrities such as David Beckham and Lionel Messi, BBC, EY, Facebook, McDonalds, Amazon and WPP.

    Our Messi campaign collaboration also received a Cannes Lion Award in 2021 and we’ve raised more than $16M so far from names like Mark Cuban, First Mark Capital, Seedcamp and more.

    The Role

    In this position you'll join our small and extremely talented product team that is building the future of programmable video. Our team is working on our core product, Synthesia STUDIO.

    You'll have a chance to work on scaling our current, fast-growing product and shape some of the next products in our pipeline. This will be a dream job for you if you enjoy deep, uninterrupted work. Some of the projects our full-stack engineers work on include:

    • building modular codebase that can be reused in frontend application and video rendering processes
    • making sure that each editing operation is executed in under 50ms + some optimised even further
    • building custom video player / editor
    • defining video structure to support more and more elements + complex math operations (animations, shapes, text, images, videos …)

    💡Important to know: We have a fast yet non-hacky development style. We work strictly with product managers who have a technical background. As a result, we do not overwhelm engineers with unrealistic expectations/requirements, and we can therefore move forward much faster. Read more about how we work in this Linkedin post.


    • 4+ years of experience in working as a software engineer (preferably working on a SaaS product)
    • 3+ years working with React/Redux front-end applications;*
    • Experience with centrally managed state (Flux / Redux / MobX)
    • Experience with data structuring libraries (Immutable.js / Immer)
    • Experience optimising the performance of front-end applications
    • Good level of spoken and written English

    *Alternative knowledge: Angular.js or Vue.js


    • Salary range: £70,000€-£110,000 / year
    • Stock Option Plan
    • Work fully remote, hybrid or relocate to one of our European hubs
    • No crazy hours - we work efficiently during normal hours and try to eliminate wasteful meetings
    • Team Retreats

    Why now is a really exciting time to join Synthesia?

    • Synthesia is the world’s leader in synthetic AI video generation working with some of the world’s biggest corporate and media brands
    • We have crazy user traction with our first self-service product for businesses in just a year since the unveiling
    • We have a very high NPS of 61 and growing
    • We are launching new super exciting products in 2021 and 2022
    • You can read our customer reviews on G2; currently ranked 4.8/5

    🚀 We are still a very small team of 55 people. Join the rocketship while it's taking off.



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