[HIRING] Python- Looking for a high school or university student for 7-15 US dollars/hour for 1 hour/night (20 hours/month) for 6-12 months

Published Jun 19, 2022

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  • ✻ PAYMENT ✻

    I will pay you each day for every hour you work with me via Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency).


    No. This is not a scam.

    If were I pay you each day for every hour you work with me via Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) how do you imagine I would scam you?

    Sure, caution is warranted, but paranoia is not. Be careful; don’t be paranoid.


    You must live in a LCOL (low cost of living) country.

    You must *** NOT *** live in a HCOL (high cost of living) country such as the USA, Canada, or France.


    I have placed shorter advertisements in the past. However, as a result applicants used to ask me many questions which caused me to waste a lot of my time.

    I created this extremely long advertisement so that I don't need you to waste my time chatting with you.

    ✻ A TEST ✻

    You do not need any experience but you must answer a difficult logic test to prove to me that you are able to think logically. No, I am not asking you to work for free. My answer to the test consists of merely 11 words.

    ✻ HOW TO APPLY ✻

    There are 2 ways to apply.

    In the past some new users have indicated to me that they were unable to chat with me and/or send me a private message because they had just created an account on Reddit.

    Therefore, if you have a new account on Reddit which does not allow you to send me a private message (or for any other reason cannot send me a private message), then please copy and paste the following into a comment below on this page...

    "I am interested in the software development gig you posted for a high school or university student for 7-15 US dollars/hour for 1 hour/night (20 hours/month) for 6-12 months."

    If you do that, then I will send you a private message in response.

    On the other hand, if you are able to send me a private message, then please copy and paste the following into a private message...

    "I am interested in the software development gig you posted for a high school or university student for 7-15 US dollars/hour for 1 hour/night (20 hours/month) for 6-12 months."

    As in the first case, if you do that, then I will send you a private message in response.


    I want to work with a young man who is young, bright, open-minded and optimistic who is eager to learn about MicroPython and ESP32 who lives in a LCOL (low cost of living) country, who will be very glad to receive the bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) equivalent of 7 US dollars to 15 US dollars per hour.

    In particular, I do not want to work with someone who is, ummmm, errrr, the opposite of... young, bright, open-minded and optimistic. To be blunt: the world is full of old, closed-minded, pessimistic engineers who aren't very bright. I've worked with many of them.


    Money. Sure. But there's more than that for you.

    I am offering a challenge, as well as an opportunity to learn how to become an excellent engineer.

    For, say, a 20 year old living in Bulgaria or an 18 year old living in Brazil, neither of whom has any paid programming experience whatsoever, what I am offering is good money... very good money. But I am also offering an opportunity to learn a very exciting technology: MicroPython on an ESP32 which is much more interesting and educational than, for example, fixing buggy WordPress plugins or doing SEO.


    Of course getting paid as a freelancer can be very frustrating. If you search on Reddit you can find many examples of freelancers who were scammed and/or not fully paid for the work which they performed.

    Sure, I realize that Mexican drug cartels, Japanese yakuza, and other sinister agents use cryptocurrencies for illegal and evil activities.

    However, I doubt that many Mexican drug cartels, Japanese yakuza, or other sinister agents are interested in engaging a freelance developer to build a boring IoT device are sinister agents.

    In other words, don’t let your fantasies cloud (obscure) your ability to think rationally.


    I suggest you do your own research on Reddit to learn about this subject. Below is my opinion.

    Have you ever sent someone in a foreign country the equivalent of, say, 10 US dollars?

    As the saying goes, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Here's what you probably don't realize: just because you can easily communicate with people around the world, in fact it is generally very expensive to transfer small amounts of money internationally.

    If you think, "Well, why don't you just pay me with PayPal?" you are probably unaware of the fact that 15% to 20% of the money I send you would be eaten up by, what are essentially, various fees. Of course freelancers invariably resent (dislike) these fees.

    Furthermore, PayPal payments are reversible. That means that I could send you a payment via PayPal and then request that PayPal refund the money to me.

    Furthermore, companies like Paypal, Payoneer, TransferWise, etc can freeze your account without warning.

    Look. Ok? Opiates are dangerous. Millions of people around the world are addicted to heroin. But guess what? Doctors all around the world prescribe opiates (such as codeine and hydrocodone) to patients of theirs who are experiencing pain.

    From my vantage point, cryptocurrencies are essentially an inexpensive and non-reversible means of transferring money.

    I predict that cryptocurrencies will likely disappear because governments hate them. Frankly, I thought cryptocurrencies would be essentially outlawed throughout most of the world.. five years ago. But I was wrong.

    Nonetheless, for now cryptocurrencies are a quick, easy, and cheap way for me to pay you daily. Yes, you will experience some hassles and risks by receiving Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency). Those are known as “costs of doing business.”

    You should simply include those into the hourly rate that you charge me. For example, if you want to earn the equivalent of 10 US dollars per hour, then you might charge me 11 US dollars per hour to cover the costs of doing business associated with being paid with Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency).


    Using MicroPython on ESP32, you will help me build a boring consumer IoT (Internet of Things) product capable of controlling household appliances that is similar to many other products on the market. MicroPython is a subset of Python used to program microcontrollers. ESP32 is a microcontroller (similar to Arduino) but ESP32 is generally better and more powerful than Arduino.

    Despite being a boring consumer IoT product, of course I expect the product will be profitable. Just as exciting products are not necessarily profitable, boring products can be profitable. If you are looking to build a flying car, rocketship, teleportation device, or time travel machine, well, ummmm, errrrr... this is probably not the right gig for you.


    This is essentially a Python job but, very strangely… no Python experience is necessary. You must be at least 16 years old. You must start within 30 days from when I send you a test question. I would pay you daily. I would pay you the equivalent of 7-15 US dollars/hour with a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, You must normally work 1 hour/day for 20 days/month.


    Although you may live in any LCOL (low cost of living) country, I prefer that you live in one of the following countries...

    Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Uruguay, or Venezuela.

    Yes, that probably seems like an extremely strange list of countries. No, it is not a list I created randomly.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is my #1 choice. No, I do not have any family there. But I have had excellent experiences working with people who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Colombia is my #2 choice for similar reasons.


    No. This is not a scam, but that is a reasonable question.

    It is well-known that job-related subreddits are a jungle full of scammers offering fake jobs. Sure they are. Now it is time for you to put on your "thinking cap." That is, it is time for you to use your mind to carefully consider what I am offering.

    I repeat...

    I will pay you each day for every hour you work with me via Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency).

    That is a non-trivial point. In other words, that is a crucial point. Why? I might be wrong but I suppose that scammers probably normally promise to pay each of their potential victims a large amount of money in the somewhat distant future in exchange for their potential victim paying them a small amount of money in the present.

    Scammers typically like to speak or chat with their intended victims in real time so that they can manipulate their intended victims. I neither intend to speak with you nor chat with you in real time. I like to work slowly, steadily, and asynchronously. By contrast scammers, tend to work quickly, breathlessly, and synchronously. I suggest you search on YouTube for "3 card monte scam."

    I presume it is an ancient scam that is typically performed quickly, breathlessly, and synchronously. I remember watching some victims being scammed on the street one day with the 3 card monte scam. I pulled one of the victims aside and warned him that he was in the process of being scammed.

    He brushed me off explaining to me that he knew what he was doing. He obviously did not know what he was doing. I walked away. I didn't want to witness the victims lose their money.

    I am * not * going to ask you to send me any money. I do * not * need your real name. I do * not * need your real address. I do * not * need any identification from you. I do * not * need to see your face. I do * not * need to speak with you. I do * not * need to chat with you in real time.

    I doubt I would ever send you any files, such as dangerous .exe files, that would enable me to access your Windoze computer so that I could gain access to the millions of US dollars in your numerous Swiss bank accounts /s. (Seriously, if you aren't using Linux for business, do yourself a favor and look into something like Debian Stable, Pop!_OS, or Linux Mint but neither Manjaro nor Arch. Yeah, I know if you like to fritter away your time gaming you might want to stick with Windoze for gaming.)

    To communicate with you, normally I would simply update one or more Google Docs and/or GitLab Issues.


    Many people, including engineers, think IoT (Internet of things) is frivolous. After all, who really needs to receive a WhatsApp message alerting them that their washing machine has finished washing a load of laundry? IoT is an emerging technology which, like automobiles in the 1890s or personal computers in the 1970s, seems like a toy to many people. Please see... The next big thing will start out looking like a toy

    I predict that IoT is going to become a ubiquitous technology. However, experienced software developers, even ones who are 23 or 24 years old, have normally invested much time into learning a particular language, such as Python, Go, or Javascript.

    When looking at this gig (job), I suppose most experienced software developers tend to think to themselves something like, “Most of my potential employers probably would not be impressed if I were to tell them I had experience with an obscure technology such as MicroPython and/or ESP32.”

    Therefore, I assume that most experienced software developers are generally not very interested in learning to use MicroPython on ESP32.


    You do not need an ESP32 (which is similar to Arduino).

    I will send you approximately the equivalent 25 USD dollars to 50 USD dollars via Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) so that you will be able to purchase an ESP32 development board, a few breadboards, many wires, and some components (such as LEDs, resistors, transistors, capacitors, etc) on a marketplace such as AliExpress, Mercado Libre, or eBay.


    It would be 100% your responsibility to deal with this problem.

    This might seem like a strange issue to mention, but it is worth mentioning because it can become a real problem for you. However, I do not want it to become my problem.

    For example, if you were to encounter corrupt customs officials in your country, it would be your responsibility to deal with them, not mine. For example, I do not want you to send me a message, "Help! The package I ordered is stuck in customs! You must send me more money immediately so that I can bribe the customs officials!!" That would be your problem; it would not be my problem.

    It is no secret that sometimes getting packages out of customs requires paying bribes. I do not intend to send you any money whatsoever to pay bribes to corrupt customs officials in your country.


    You will normally work 1 hour/day (20 days/month) for one hour on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at a time that is convenient for you.

    The hour of the day you work could vary from day to day. In other words, I don't care what specific time of day or night you work, but you must normally work for one hour each day.

    ✻ WHY 1 HOUR PER DAY?✻

    It is no secret that part-time freelancers tend to be extremely unreliable. They tend to "disappear" for extended periods of time.

    By working for one hour per day you will prove to me that you are regularly working on my project. This is not a trivial point. This is an important point. See, I don’t want my project to stall because, for example, your pet butterfly suddenly needed emergency surgery to repair one of its damaged wings. I'm being facetious, of course but I have received many, many, many excuses from freelancers over the years.


    No. You aren't dreaming.

    I would rather work with an inexperienced person who is very intelligent and solves problems scientifically than an experienced person who is not very intelligent and/or does not solve problems scientifically.

    If you were recruiting a computer programmer, would you hire Issac Newton or Albert Einstein even if they did not have any experience programming?


    I do not need to see your face but you must record your entire screen the entire time while you are performing work for me.

    Normally you would probably upload a one hour screencast to Google Drive each night shortly after you had finished working. Of course I assume you would probably compress the screencast to decrease the size. I assume you'd write a simple script (perhaps in Bash) to use a utility (such as FFmpeg) to compress your screencast and then upload it to Google Drive.

    This will enable me to see how you spend your time. For example, when you spend time researching on StackOverflow, the Official Espressif ESP32 Forum, and MicroPython Forum, the screencast you create for me will let me know how much time you spent on research.


    It would be 100% your responsibility to deal with this problem.

    Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) is generally trivial,

    b u t . . .

    converting Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) to a local currency can be

    d i f f i c u l t . . .

    expensive, risky, and time-consuming.

    I suggest you spend a few hours researching how people in your country normally exchange cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) into your local currency.

    Practically speaking, it would probably be cheaper and less risky for you either meet someone who wants to purchase your Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) in-person (for example, at a coffee shop) or walk into a local store (such as a currency exchange or a gold and silver dealer) that normally exchanges Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) into your local currency.

    At least initially, trying to exchange your Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) into your local currency online and then having that money deposited into your bank account online, is probably much too risky and much too expensive. In other words, at least initially it is probably better for you to exchange Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) with someone face-to-face (in-person), not online.


    It would be 100% your responsibility to deal with this problem.

    The Internets seem enamored with the fact that exchange rates between Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) and local currencies sometimes fluctuate wildly. People are bored; news needs to be exciting. "Bitcoin fell 25% today" is a way to catch people's attention.

    Furthermore, every software developer with whom I have discussed this issue has been extremely uncomfortable—almost terrified—of being hurt financially by wildly fluctuating exchange rates. This fear is not surprising; most software developers loathe risk and have an extremely strong desire for control.

    Instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, I suggest you look at a chart of the exchange rate between Bitcoin and your local currency over the last year or two. If you had been paid daily in Bitcoin, and then exchanged Bitcoin to your local currency once a week, you would probably find that you wouldn't not have been hurt by exchange rate fluctuations by more than, perhaps, 10 to 20%. You might have actually benefited.

    It is no secret that most people who buy and sell cryptocurrencies are speculators. You don't need to be a speculator. Exchanging a cryptocurrency once a week into your local currency would not be speculation. On the other hand, buying a cryptocurrency with the expectation that it would, for example, triple in value over the next 18 months would be speculative.

    Do you see the salient point (the significant difference)? The time frame matters... a lot.

    For example, I would not want to try to predict what the price of gold (or silver) will be in a year or two. But I can confidently predict that one week from now the price of gold (or silver) will be within 10% of the price of gold (or silver) today. Sure. Once in a while I would be wrong, but over the course of a year or two, I would probably be right over 95% of the time.

    I am not going to "hold your hand" on this issue. If you are unreasonably terrified about the potential for wildly fluctuating exchange rates to hurt you, that is a psychological problem that could prevent you from working with me.

    If you fantasize about living a life that is completely free of risk, then I suggest you book a trip on one of Elon Musk's spaceships so that you can live on a utopia on Mars where life will be 100% free of risk. Here on earth we all take risks, every, single, day.

    Software developers (and artists) tend to waste my time when they indulge themselves with their unrealistic fantasies. Cryptocurrencies are essentially collectibles just like rare stamps and coins, French impressionist paintings, antique cars, etc that are sought after by collectors.

    I suggest you ignore all of the speculative hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and simply use a cryptocurrency as a way to receive daily compensation. Then exchange if frequently, say once a week, into your local currency.


    Here's an example of the kind of criticisms Redditors have posted in response to my advertisements...

    There are a million ways this could lead into a scam, despite what you've written. You're going to be working closely with a teenager, answering their questions, helping them install various pieces of software, run random executables, reviewing their screencasts (apparently), maybe even helping them set up their crypto wallet, generally earning trust, they start to rely on you for additional income... gee, how could a malicious, completely anonymous employer possibly take advantage of a situation like this?!

    Not to mention there are more ways of exploitation beyond just financial, and your post has some highly sociopathic red flags...

    Every comment you're getting is pointing out how shady this sounds so, if you are legit, maybe check your ego and actually process the feedback?

    But I honestly don't give a [redacted due to foul language] either way. My comments aren't for you, they're for any younger readers out there considering this position. THIS IS A BAD IDEA AND THIS DUDE IS CLEARLY TOXIC [redacted due to foul language].

    Here was my response to the comment above...

    You are apparently paranoid and afraid of your own shadow. Be sure not to walk down any stairs because, ummmm, errrrr, of course you could fall, break your neck, and be paralyzed for life! After all, everyone knows stairs are death traps!! You seem like a typical, self-righteous, deluded, SJW (social justice warrior).

    Leave and don't come back Mr. Potty Mouth.

    Perhaps the Redditor who authored the aforementioned attack against me was abused or bullied as a child. I don’t know. Nonetheless, let’s try to think about this rationally. The internet is full of predators looking for victims. Sure it is. The internet is used as a means to swindle, rape, and even murder people. But, ummmm, errr what am I supposed to do about it? Is it wrong for me to want to work with a young man who is 16-22 years old who lives in a LCOL (low cost of living) country?

    It’s well-known that many of history’s most famous scientists have done much of their best scientific work in their late-teens and early twenties. In addition Big Tech tend to practice age discrimination. Specifically, it’s well-known that famous Big Tech tend to hire engineers under the age of 30.

    I have found that trying to work with someone who is 23-30 years old who is currently employed is very difficult. Why? Part of the reason seems to be that they are normally busy and that they already have sufficient income to support themselves. Whatever the causes, in fact I have had too many problems when I tried to work with currently employed 23-29 year olds.

    Soooo, if I want to work with someone who is under 30 years of age, what are my best options?

    Most high school students and university students who need to earn money have limited opportunities. In addition, they rarely have large blocks of free time. Being able to earn the equivalent of 140 US dollars to 300 US dollars per month by working one hour per day, seems like an excellent opportunity for a high school student or university student.

    Most Redditors on this forum seem to be based in the USA. For example, let’s imagine a 35 year old Redditor who lives in the USA who works at, say, Starbucks. Let’s say he wants to get a remote Python job because, well, he’d rather write Python code than work at Starbucks. Who could blame him?

    Let’s imagine he’s never actually worked as a paid Python programmer. However, let’s imagine that because he’s unmarried and has no children, he has had plenty of time to study Python online. Let’s imagine he has convinced himself that he’s qualified to work professionally as a Python software developer. Let’s imagine he’s deluded himself into believing, “I simply need a chance to prove myself as a Python programmer!” Furthermore, let’s imagine he has conjured up a fantasy in his mind so that he says to himself, “I ** deserve ** a job as a Python software developer!!

    Furthermore, let’s suppose he will probably never work professionally as a Python software developer, yet he doesn’t know that yet. Now imagine he sees a posting on Reddit like mine. Is he likely to be glad that I want to hire a 16-22 year old who lives in, say, Brazil or Bulgaria for 7 US dollars to 15 US dollars per hour? No. He will very likely be displeased. Perhaps he might even be outraged!

    Let’s suppose that this 35 year old Starbucks employee wants me to pay him, say, 30 US dollars per hour to write Python code. He doesn't want me to pay, for example, 10 US dollars per hour to “some kid who lives in a low wage country.”

    In other words, let’s suppose that this 35 year old American guy working at Starbucks has a strong incentive to attack and vilify me with invective such as, “Don’t work for this evil guy!!!” What is he really thinking? I suppose he’s really thinking something like, “Pay me $30 because I am worth a good Python programmer!”

    When all is said and done, when he wakes up in the morning, what's he probably going to do? Yeah. He’s probably going to ride his bicycle to Starbucks and serve coffee to customers. That’s his job. That’s how he earns a living. However, when he comes home he can get back on the internet to attack me for having the temerity to want to hire a 16-22 year old who lives in, say, Colombia, for, say, 10 US dollars per hour, instead of him, a 35 year old “real American” who lives in the good old US of A for 30 US dollars per hour.

    Put simply: this hypothetical 35 year old Starbucks employee, who purports that he’s trying to protect you, is probably trying persuade potential competitors of his (such as you) not to apply to work with me.

    One extremely common strategy throughout history for success is simple: eliminate your competition. This behavior is not confined to people. For example, healthy mature male lions typically attack other healthy male lions whom they encounter in their territory.


    You guys are nasty, miserable, evil people. I don’t intend to feed you guys. A comment such as, “Dude, this is the craziest ad I’ve ever read. LOL!” isn’t constructive criticism; it’s destructive (it’s trolling).

    On the other hand, I welcome constructive criticism. If you have any good ideas for improving this ad, please feel free to post them in a comment.

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