[HIRE ME]Looking for your python and scraping related jobs.

Published Nov 22, 2021

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  • Hi everyone. I'm looking for python jobs. I've some experience in API usage(**Google Sheets**, **Binance** etc.), Selenium and Telegram bots.

    Such as:

    * Made a bot that can scrape mobile.de to gather all car details one by one. Pictures, price, mileage etc.

    * Made a bot that can scrape the last tweets on given account list and searches for keywords. If found, texts you the tweet from Telegram to you.

    * Made a bot that can search Youtube for given keywords with **SerpAPI** and gather the founded results, views and saves them to Google Sheet.

    * Made a bot that can detect and text you the recently added coins on **CoinGecko** and **CoinMarketCap.**

    And lots of jobs like this. If you are interested, hit me up with PM or text me from [my Telegram](https://t.me/rocketdey).

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