[For Hire] Talented web developer to bring your figma design or idea to life

Published Aug 01, 2022

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  • Hey, I'm a web and app developer with 5 years of experience and who's really good at creating what you want.

    I can create anything from a simple 1-page website to complex multi-function applications.

    I'm also capable of :

    • Redesigning and giving your old website a new look
    • Making a replica of any theme or website of your choice
    • Adding new functions or scaling your already built application
    • Creating a website or application for your business from scratch

    I really try my best to make scalable, responsive, and beautiful products.

    Some of my projects include:

    I usually charge $15/hr on projects but I'm also totally ok with charging per project.

    Remember no project or budget is too small, cheers! : )

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