[FOR HIRE] Skilled development team at Your service

Published Aug 02, 2022

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  • Hey redditors,

    name's Nik, I'm w/ Celadon: the company w/ over 5 years of proficiency in web & mobile apps development. JavaScript, Python and .NET are our core techs.

    Celadon's helping sole proprietors, startups and SMEs worldwide to bring their ideas on: starting from delivery and dating apps up to complex systems based on AI and ML. Our team has over 80 talents at staff capable of creating projects from scratch as well as their further support and maintenance.

    We're fond of clear and working code and believe in transparency of development process. To make sure my team's worthy of your time, take a look at our portfolio and, most importantly, what our customers say.

    Rate per hour: $35-$40 (depends on complexity of the project).

    I'll be happy to lend you a hand as well with fair hourly rates anytime. You can always contact me here (DM or chat), on Discord (iamascoundrel#0160) or via [email](mailto:nikita.dovnar@celadonsoft.com). ;)

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