[For Hire] I will help you maintain your React or Gatsby website

Published Nov 20, 2021

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  • Portfolio: https://supercoder.dev/resume

    I am Eduardo, and I can help you maintain your Gatsby website. Here is what I can offer:

    • Fix bugs
    • Improve your website's responsiveness
    • Improve performance (Page Speed score)
    • Create new pages / components

    I am familiar with the following technologies:

    • React, JavaScript, and TypeScript
    • Next.js and Gatsby
    • CSS, SCSS, and Material UI
    • Content management systems like Strapi and Netlify CMS
    • Node and Express
    • Firebase, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

    Here is what clients say about me:

    "We wholeheartedly recommend that you hire Eduardo’s services for all your web development needs — you will be amazed at his work ethic." (Ashwin Naidu - fishcat.org)

    "I engaged this seller on a custom Gatsby & SCSS project (it was to migrate to Bulma) and he delivered! The output from the gig was exactly what I had described, and he even made suggestions along the way" (Jason Gilliam - secureideas.com)


    My rates start at $40 / hour.

    Send me a message (private message only, not chat) if you would like to discuss more!

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