For Hire [For Hire] Linux System Administrator for the crypto company

Published Jun 20, 2022

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  • If you are interested, please fill out this form: and we will directly contact you for a text-based interview. Please notice, you must fill out both the General Form and the English Assessment one so that your application can be processed.

    ABC Hosting, Ltd. is a company offering hosting services in many countries. Recently, we have introduced a new cryptocurrency project where people can invest in each other like in stocks—helping and earning in the process. The number of free users is growing rapidly.

    We don't have physical offices, therefore we're only offering remote positions.

    This is a full-time remote job with a flexible schedule.

    What will be your main functions?

    Expand our infrastructure;

    Configure and install Linux servers;

    Setup different services like cryptocurrency nodes and pools, our internal software, nginx, mysql, redis, php, nodejs, kafka, fail2ban;

    Manage GitLab CI/CD;

    Applicants for this position must have:

    3+ years of experience;

    Broad Linux knowledge;

    Intermediate-to-advance English proficiency (B1­-B2);

    Sufficient bash knowledge;

    Python programming skills (A considerable plus);

    Blockchain knowledge (A considerable plus).

    Sufficient Containerization knowledge (Docker)

    What do we offer?

    The chance to be part of an international team.

    A cozy and friendly environment (we have a good sense of humor and a good attitude to do our work).

    Salary according to your experience and performance during the interview.

    Salary increases and bonuses depending on your performance and skills.

    Our Servers are supporting Debian and Ubuntu. We use Redmine for project management and Rocket.Chat+ for everyday communication.

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