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Published Nov 21, 2021

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  • Hello!

    I am a full stack web developer with over 6 years of experience who is offering affordable and unqiue professional web development services.

    I will bring forward client-focused, customer-centric solutions that deliver tangible business results for startups, business and agencies. Variety of responsive website designs and web development solutions using the latest and proven web technologies.


    · Backend technologies: C# (ASP.NET MVC), Java ( Spring) , Python ( Django / Flask).

    · Frontend technologies: Javascript ( Vue, React, Jquery ) , · CSS ( with preprocessors, Sass), HTML5.

    · Database technologies: SQL ,MySQL , PostreSQL , MongoDB.

    · DevOps (CI/CD) technologies: Git, Github, Docker ( Compse,Swarm) , Jenkins, Kubernetes , Github Actions, Gitlab CI/CD.

    · CMS services: Wordpress.

    I'm currently available for immediate work.

    My current hourly rate is $40 $30 but I prefer setting a fixed price for every project. Feel free to contact me to GET A FREE QUOTE.

    I'm open to flat rate projects as well.

    Website Portfolio :

    1. www.zenefits.com
    2. www.nextracker.com
    3. www.eyeem.com
    4. www.systemsurveyor.com
    5. www.cohesive.net
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