Data Engineer - Founding Team - Stealth Mode - US Restaurant analytics

Published Nov 24, 2021

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  • Kishore Rajgopal

    A stealth startup, founded and advised by succesful entrepreneurs  with previous experience in building start-ups is looking to hire a highly skilled and energetic data engineer to build data and analytics platform for the US Restaurant industry.  The engineering and product team of the startup will be based out of India, mostly working remotely. 


    • Strong python, SQL, PostgreSQL experience and knowledge
    • Good experience working with either RDMS or Mongo DB. Some NO SQL experience will be good.
    • Good programming fundamentals
    • Strong understanding of  data transforms
    • Some understanding of SaaS, payments.


    • 2-3 experience


    This will be a super fast moving environment. The idea is in its early stages and hence there is lot of disruptive effort required to move super fast. This means everyone is hands on and working shoulder to shoulder with you. The learning opportunity will be immense. If you can scale, you can imagine yourself to be one of the top engineers - combining data engineering, ML and SaaS platforms.

    PS : We dont have a website yet. We can of course discuss details when we get to a point of discussion

    Job Perks

    Health Cover